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  • Cobaltic bearing polymeric compositions

    Cobaltic bearing polymeric compositions,、-(RAP)。 The present invention relates to a

  • o C18:3n-6 11 9 0.44 ± 0.51 0.73 ± 0.8 Eicosadienoico from Lake Saimaa, Lake Ladoga, the Baltic Sea, and Spitsbergen. Lipids,

  • Benthic oxygen production in the Choptank Estuary

    TX Baltic Sea SWE, ITA, POR mg C mg chl aDepth Class shallo w Mid Deep shallo w Mid 18.36 17.24 9.32 13.55 13.54 8.06 7.06

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  • (PDF) Exp. 347: Site M0060

    201521-In book: Expedition Reports: Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Volume 347 Cite this publication Thomas Ulf Andrén 26.59 Södertörn

  • Chelazzi, O. A. Cuzman, G. D. Gatta, F.Arz. (2018) Impact of the Major Baltic Inflow (Mn, Al)-bearing deposits in drinking water

  • Mapping Ponto Caspian Invaders in Great Britain

    CR, AU, GE, BE, NE, FR Killer shrimp Gammamelanostomus were spread around the Baltic Sea. -10.6-2.2 217-965 11-61 9-46 0-916 O


    D. P. Krylov, “O 18 depletion in corundum bearing rocks from North Karelija (the Baltic Shield),” in Water-Rock Interaction 12 , Ed. by T.D

  • Dissimilatory Metal Reduction

    Reduction of Se(VI) to Se(O) is an important mechanism for the precipitation of selenium from contaminated waters. Enzymatic reduction of Cr(VI) to

  • Marine Optical Biogeochemistry:  The Chemistry of Ocean

    O Organic Letters Organic Process Research & Development Organometallics AboutDOI: 10.1021/cr050350+ Publication Date (Web): January 26, 2007 Copyri

  • (PDF) A expansão da União Européia em 2004 e seus

    Newsletter of the International Association for Study of the Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera (IASFCP) - contains reports on current research and bibliographic no